CTT-300 Spurtan BV

CTT-300 Spurtan BV is a 2 layer sandwich style track system. Its base layer is a paved in place base mat. The second layer is a 2 part seal coat with EPDM rubber. The surface is colored EPDM rubber granules in a flood coat.

IAAF approved

World Class Performance for training and competition


  • 10 mm SBR and binder basemat
  • One thin seal layer consisting of Qualipur 5050 and EPDM powdered rubber
  • 4 mm Qualipur 5050 flooded with EPDM rubber


  • IAAF approved system
  • Impermeable, two-component paved in place sandwich style track system
  • Provides a high energy return
  • Excellent all weather performance and spike resistance
  • Free of mercury and lead
  • World class performance for training and competition
  • Premium colors available upon request

Product Specifications