The base is critical to constructing the finest artificial turf field the gravel selected must allow for a high degree of drainage and still exhibit excellent stability. There is actually more difference found in what is not seen in an artificial turf system that what is seen above grade.

This is where Carter Construction out performs all of its competition. This is where Carter Construction got its start in artificial turf fields. Every national major brand of artificial turf called on Carter Construction for base construction. It always seemed to be in their high profile fields. It was with these major brands that Carter saw what others did and decided that the same amount of care and craftsmanship was not always being utilized once the turf company began work on our base. Carter also witnessed the problems and successes of the other turfs. Carter believes we have the BEST OF SHOW. The Best Base in the business along with the best turf systems available globally.

What an all Rubber infill does for your field and play

Better g max

If we believed, gravel, sand or whatever else the flavor of the month was, performed better, we would use it. Every other option is a fraction of the cost of an all rubber infill.

That, in our opinion is the real reason for these new inventions….we call them cost savings, but it’s a savings to the contractor not the customer. Therefore, we always use a PATENTED ALL RUBBER INFILL on any field where the G-Max is important.